Group Package

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Group event

Offered to child care centers, daycare and school groups. Week only.

Packages BRONZE BRONZE + I bring my lunch box I bring my lunch box + CHRISTMAS SILVER package GRADUATION SILVER package
Time of package 4h Complete day (5h) 4h Complete day (5h) 4h 4h
Rides access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meal Yes Yes No No Yes with a cake Yes with a cake
Other - - - - Private Room, meet Santa Claus, one small souvenir gift per kid Private room, souvenir photos with toga, one small souvenir gift per kid
Kid (1 to 49 kids) 16.00$* 18.00$* 13.00$* 15.00$* 20.00$*  20.00$*
Kid (50 kids and +) 15.50$* 17.50$* 12.50$* 14.50$* 18.00$*  18.00$* 
Adult 6.99$* 6.99$* 5.00$* 5.00$* 10.00$*  10.00* 

*Taxes not inlcuded

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Business Package

Are you organizing an outing for your business?

We can offer customized packages.

Exclusive reservation for the entire centre.

An ideal customed day event.

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Christmas Package

Christmas package

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  • A 4 hours package
  • Private room
  • An animator for the group
  • Mascottes PI-O and PI-AT
  • Christmas tree and gifts with Santa Clause
  • A souvenir gift
  • Continental breakfast or one meal (lunch or diner) per person